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The Gift of M. I. Hummel

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Rounded cheeks, softly shaded.  Chubby hands in trouser pockets.  Tiny feet in oversized shoes.  These are the remarkable figuring children of M. I. Hummel.  Some are hard at work -- scrubbing floors, delivering mail, baking break.  Others enjoy country pleasures -- cuddling newborn lambs, clutching handpicked flowers, hiking on woodland paths.  For others - it's playtime - they sing merry songs, hug beloved dolls, join hands in carefree dances.

M I. Hummel figurines are renowned throughout the world for their gentle reflection of chjldhood joys.  These charming figurines began as drawings by the gifted artist, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, who lived in Southern Germany during the first half of this century.  With meticulous craftsmanship, her drawings have been transformed into handsculpted, handpainted earthenware treasures.  Each M. I. Hummel figurine is an original work of art created by the master artists of Goebel.

When it's time to remember someone special, give a gift of imagination and artistry.  A gift that recalls a fond memory or celebrates a happy moment.  A gift to enrich the home and warm the heart.  Give the gift that charms the world -- M. I. Hummel.

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For M. I. Hummel "Marks of Authenticity" and "Tips on Appraising", visit M. I. Hummel web site.

Updated:  February 27, 2006