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Lefton's Colonial Village Collection

        See Colonial Village items at:   www.warmspringsvillage.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lefton's Colonial Village Collection -- where hometown charm and simpler lifestyles prevail.  Close your eyes and imagine the ideal place to live, work See what Warm Springs Village Mall has in its online shopping store for Leftons Colonial Village Collection and raise a family.  A place where friendly folks can meet and play and be able to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer.  Think of a place where children can play without fear and neighbors are truly concerned for one another.  The aroma that fills the air is that of freshly baked bread, still warm from the oven.  Imaging now that you're there, surrounded by friends and neighbors, a comfortable home and a loving family.  If you can feel all of that, there you know what it feels like to live in Colonial Village. 

While the buildings are the soul of Colonial Village, the citizens make up its heart.  An what hear-warming personalities they are!  Each and every one of these hand-painted ceramic characters stand approximately 1.5" to 3" high - the perfect proportions to complement the buildings--and adds his or her own special contribution to the surrounding Village.  While many of the adults are hard at work, others are taking time to enjoy the wonderful shops and businesses on Main Street.  At the same time, many of the children are playing happily in the snow, while others go about their business selling newspapers and delivering groceries.

Each building in the Colonial Village Collection is sold with an Official Deed of Title.  Included on the Deed is a description of the property and history behind it. 

There are several types of buildings in the Colonial Village Collection that are different from the others:  Members-Only Building, Special Editions, Limited Editions, and Retired Buildings.

Members-Only Buildings are available to you only through select Colonial Village dealers.

Special Edition Buildings are created in honor buildings that actually exist.

Limited Edition Buildings are created in limited numbers in order to preserve their uniqueness and collectibility.

Retired Buildings - Retirement is the ultimately honor bestowed upon any collectible. Once a Colonial Village items is retired, the mold is broken and no more will be made, ever, making the buildings highly sought after.

Add to your collection now!  Click here to browse catalog of merchandise then choose Lefton's Colonial Village category.

All of our items in the Lefton Colonial Village Collection have retired!


Updated:  December 27, 2013